This page is a signpost to the details on the R&D work being undertaken to help create our new applications strategy and approach. The content itself is held on the wiki at http://abigbang.wikidot.com

The plan is to split R&D into 3 distinct stages:

1. Conceptual: researching and testing the assumptions and concepts that our strategic vision is based on. For example in the sphere of applications our concepts include service orientation, business process focus and contextual access.

2. Architectural: understanding the logical building blocks that we will need in order to realise the concepts.

3. Technical: identifying the products and technologies that can best fulfil the roles defined by the architecture, taking constraints (historical, commercial etc) into account.

Conceptual Apps R&D Projects:

Mashups Involving Warwickshire and National Info Complete

WCC Media Monitoring Complete

Creating Web Services For WCC Complete

Warwickshire Bike and Walking Routes Complete

Exploiting Library Services Complete

Pro-active HR Search for candidates Complete

Publishing Election Results Complete

Re-use of Services on Different Platforms Complete

Changing The Service Provided Based On User Context Complete

Using A Workflow Service To Orchestrate A Process Complete

Using A Proxy To Ensure Availability Of A Service Complete

Testing the DCSF Hub Web Service Complete

Using A Claims-Based Identity Model Complete

Making Use of Communications Services To Collaborate Complete

Conceptual Identity R&D Projects:

Open Standards For Identity And Authentication Complete

Investigate The Concept Of Claims Based Identity Complete

Using Citizen Devices As An Authentication Factor Complete

Physical context as part of identity Complete

Altering the presentation of a service depending on identity Complete

Limiting access to services based on identity or role Complete

Including legacy applications in a new approach to identity Complete

Conceptual infrastructure R&D Projects:

Provisioning Cloud Based Infrastructure And Services Complete

Testing A Scalable Infrastructure Complete

Web Services Management Dashboard Complete

Investigate the concept of cloud based infrastructure
Storage in the clouds
A Private Cloud
Infrastructure API and Elasticity
Infrastructure API and Provisioning Resources
Lifecycle Management
Elastic Application Platform

Investigate the concept of cloud based infrastructure Complete

Storage in the clouds Complete

A Private Cloud Complete

Infrastructure API and Elasticity Complete

Infrastructure API and Provisioning Resources Complete

Lifecycle Management Complete

Elastic Application Platform Complete

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