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November 29, 2012 by Rob Nichols

Do you get bored entering 1.9.2@project every time you enter a different project folder? Then learn to embrace your .rvmrc file.

The simplest way to generate this file is to do so when you create the project gemset:

cd ~/projects/projecta/
rvm --rvmrc --create 1.9.3@projecta

That puts a .rvmrc file in the root of your project. cd out of the project fold and then back in and you will be prompted to trust the new .rvmrc file. Select yes and from this point on, every time you enter the project fold, rvm will automatically load the relevant gem set.

Personally I’d recommend you add .rvmrc to your .gitignore file, as the .rvmrc files includes a build specific ruby version number which can cause problem within groups of developers. Better to manage your own file in my opinion.


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