Have you got a “killer app” idea?


May 16, 2012 by Kate Sahota

Our applications architect and chief strategist, Jim Morton, has spent a considerable amount of time locked in a dark room researching, formulating and presenting the various ICT strategies and principles that will drive our work going forward.

Following the approval of this work from the highest level, I am looking to take two key pieces of work, the Applications Strategy and New Wave Applications Approach, and use these to initiate a piece of work to develop a protoype application that can be delivered using mobile devices.

So, I need your help and your great ideas. If you believe your area of work, or even someone else’s, could benefit from the use of mobile applications, please get in touch. We want to enable delivery of services in new and innovative ways using mobile technology.

Drop me an email katesahota@warwickshire.gov.uk or contact me on Twitter @808kate with your ideas and I’ll be in touch. Ideally I’m looking for people who work at Warwickshire County Council so we can work together on this, however if you aren’t a colleague of mine and have a great idea, please send it on anyway and I’ll see what we can rustle up.


2 thoughts on “Have you got a “killer app” idea?

  1. Webb ellis says:

    A solution looking for a problem? Bad idea.

    • Kate Sahota says:

      We’re not necessarily looking for a problem, and we don’t have a solution yet. We know the world has changed and people want applications on their mobile devices, that is our strategy. So…

      Strategy + good idea = prototype
      Prototype + business case = solution

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