Applications Strategy Projects On The Go


September 7, 2010 by Jim Morton

There have been many terrible excuses in history, examples including the unlikely:  “I thought a duck island would fall well within the allowable rules”, the desperate: “The reason I was there because I was badger spotting” and even the inspired: “We got comprehensively beaten because our shirts were the wrong colour“.

I have no such excuses for why I haven’t updated the blog lately, I just haven’t got round to it. However there has been a burst of applications strategy related work so I will try to make sure of a couple of updates each week from now on.

In terms of the work that we are doing at the moment here are the highlights:

Mobile Application: Following on from the success of the Warwickshire iphone application we are creating a new cross-platform version that will take advantage of the maturing standards that allow an app-like experience delivered via web technologies. This means that we will have a basis for delivering information and services across the major mobile platforms using one technique rather than building different versions for different technology platforms. NOTE: We will also be rolling out a minor update to the iphone app in the near future.

EDRMS Repository: We have a number of projects and services in the organisation whose success will require an element of electronic document or record management. This is becoming more relevant as the need for flexible working arrangements and potential property rationalisation grows stronger. Rather than build individual solutions for each requirement we want to build a generic repository based on open standards and the principles of service orientation to create something that can be re-used to satisfy the bulk of our EDRMS needs.

HRMS – Web service enablement: One of the key data sets involved in a large proportion of business processes is our staff and HR information. The main store for this information is an Oracle HRMS implementation that has been historically difficult to interact with, unless a blank cheque has been handy. We have now completed some proof of concept work to show that we can build and use open web services to access the HR information without incurring large costs. The ongoing potential of this R&D work is huge, we plan to expand on it with some further developments (involving the generation of dynamic structure charts from the HR data) before working on how we integrate such services into our wider applications architecture and business processes.

Open Source DBMS research: We are acutely aware of the need to use open source technology efficiently and appropriately over the coming years. To this end we are running a research project with a focus on the DBMS sector to both understand how open source offerings compare with their commercial counterparts as well as gaining an understanding of how open-source, leading edge products could indicate the future roadmap for handling structured data.


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