Warwickshire Already Using the Cloud


April 1, 2010 by James Smith

The excellent work within the New Wave Application Strategy is starting to deliver benefits; both in terms of providing the public with new methods of accessing Warwickshire’s data (iPhone application) and demonstrating the concepts that underpin Warwickshire’s ICT Strategy.

Warwickshire has also taken the opportunity to adopt a new approach to the provision and management of the underlying infrastructure by hosting the data and applications within the Amazon Cloud.

The Amazon services being utilised are:

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Amazon Simple Storage (S3)
  • Elastic Load balancing (ELB)

This approach enables Warwickshire to quickly provision a ‘small’ infrastructure and utilise the Amazon Elastic Cloud to dynamically scale both up and down in line with demand.  Even though this is an external component of Warwickshire’s infrastructure it has been integrated into existing monitoring systems to ensure visibility.

This work is valuable in that it helps Warwickshire to understand both the benefits and issues of working with Cloud based Infrastructure which can both inform internal decisions and carry forward into the work we are beginning with The Government Cloud (G-Cloud).


2 thoughts on “Warwickshire Already Using the Cloud

  1. […] government and IT strategy is impressive. Check out their IT strategy blog, where they detail their use of the cloud, for example, and their open data site. Great stuff, and good to see it happening at a council […]

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