Infrastructure R&D Update

September 24, 2009 by James Smith

The current Research & Development phase is nearly over. In the last couple of weeks the following projects have been worked on by Winston, Sukhpal and Tim:

Lifecycle Management
This project focused on the lifecycle within ICT and how the infrastructure needs to be provisioned in order to support the stages identified.
Link to wiki page

Infrastructure API and Provisioning Resources
This project was concerned with the provisioning of infrastructure resources through an API driven by a manual or programmatic event.
Link to wiki page

Elastic Application Platform
This project investigated how the infrastructure would provide a platform in support of an application with an associated service level agreement.
Link to wiki page

What Next?
With Identity and Infrastructure conceptual R&D coming to an end planning needs to be completed for the next phase, Architecture.

A reminder of the R&D Phases.

1. Conceptual: researching and testing the assumptions and concepts that our strategic vision is based on. For example in the sphere of applications our concepts include service orientation, business process focus and contextual access.

2. Architectural: understanding the logical building blocks that we will need in order to realise the concepts.

3. Technical: identifying the products and technologies that can best fulfil the roles defined by the architecture, taking constraints (historical, commercial etc) into account.

Work to date
For links to all the work carried out to date follow this link.

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