The next infrastructure R&D project

September 9, 2009 by James Smith

So far we have been looking into the concept of cloud computing, both public and private, and how this approach supports the development of service based applications (service oriented architecture approach).

Both public and private clouds present their services through an application programming interface (API) which can be used by developers to provision and configure the required infrastructure resources.  One of the main issues that has been discussed is that of vendor lock-in, where use of unique cloud API ties the consumer into the cloud service provider.

To address this we will research not only the use of an API to configure the infrastructure but the technique of brokering the cloud provider API through a common framework.

This time Tim, Winston and Sukhpal will work together.

Project – (find the Wiki Page here)

  • The first part of the project will demonstrate how an infrastructure can be configured to create an elastic cloud infrastructure using the API.  This will involve setting up Amazon EC2 servers and configuring them through the API to scale in line with demand.
  • The second part of the project will look at (and hopefully demonstrate) how a broker can be used to control the hosted infrastructure by linking with the providers API.
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