First round of New R&D projects

August 10, 2009 by Jim Morton

As promised we have kicked off the new R&D work today an a glittering showbiz style carnival of song and dance.

The initial projects that each of the team are having a crack at are:

Andy McGarry is looking at using mobile devices as possible factors of authentication.

Tim West is scratching his head as he considers how to provision cloud based infrastructure and services.

Sukhpal Shergill is wrestling with the thorny issue of testing scalable infrastructure.

Winston Castle is manfully getting to grips with setting up a web services management dashboard.

Terry Rich Whitehead is absolutely delighted to be investigating open standards for identity and authentication.

…and finally, because he failed to turn up today, Steve Woodward will be doing some initial investigation into claims based identity – which will be news to him.

All of this work will be documented on our wiki at – well it will be as soon as I work out why I am keep getting an error message while I try to sort things out..

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