New R&D Work Starting Next Week

August 5, 2009 by Jim Morton

After the roaring success of the conceptual applications R&D work (street parades, honours from the palace etc), the powers that be have granted us licence to look at two more key areas that will form part of our ICT architecture.

Firstly, the Infrastructure work will be concentrating on how the traditionally physical elements of computing (storage, processing, connectivity) will be affected by the changes that the world of ICT is currently experiencing. This is likely to focus on the idea of ICT as a utility rather than a physical service, which, I am afraid means that the dreaded C-word is going to get thrown around quite a lot – yes, “Cloud”. Probably be some very bad puns as well. I can only apologise.

Secondly we will also be looking at the question of Identity, this is an area in which we will all see a lot of changes in the coming years. Currently identity is dealt with on a case by case basis in the world of ICT. For every system, web site or company that you deal with the chances are that you have at least one ID and password to remember. As the number of systems that you deal with grows, this is quickly going to become a real problem.

So we want to understand how we can simplify our identity model in order to provide a more straightforward way of handling your various digital roles, while also using these new ways of working to make applications more specific to each individual. This will make our applications more useful, relevant and secure. The aim is to work with existing standards and frameworks, rather than re-inventing the wheel. So, it looks like in addition to the dreaded C-word, the term “Metasystem” could well be cropping up now and again. Apologies once more.

As previously we have a crack team of ICT staff ready to start on a series of projects to test out these concepts. All the outcomes will be documented on our wiki, as well as all sort of exciting updates on this site.

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