Microsoft Office 2010 and Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote Online

July 13, 2009 by James Smith

Office 2010

Office 2010

Microsoft has today announced more information about Office 2010 – previously codenamed Office 14 – and the web based equivelants.

The announcement highlights that all applications within the suite now have ‘virtually’ the same user interface, that is  the office ribbon now being present in all applications, some added functionality and further details about the long anticipated Office Web Applications.

Changes to the Ribbon include improved customisation options and a change to the round Windows “Office Button” which lives at the top left of the Ribbon in all applications, now a rectangular one, apparently to help users locate it. A more simple layout with separator bars replacing borders and some newly designed icons.

A useful addition worth noting – in my opinion at least – is the ability to edit images within MS Office rather than using another application, often resorting to MS Paint to edit images, which until the Windows 7 update  was very basic.

I think it is safe to say – at least here in the office – we have been eagerly awaiting more information about the Microsoft Office web applications. The web site refers to the suite of web applications as ‘companions’ to the Office Suite and mentions the use of basic editing functions. Unfortunately this doesn’t really provide us with the detail we had hoped for, at least there is confirmation of on-line, simultaneous collaboration on documents with support across multiple device types and browsers (will be intereting to see how this works, possibly with the use of Sharepoint 2010).

So how will users access these services? Well there are three options available:

  1. Through Windows Live – at no cost
  2. On-premises – Office volume licensing customers
  3. Microsoft On-line Services – subscription based (hosted)

Unfortunately there is no opportunity for us to try Office 2010 yet (web or local versions) so we have to make do with the videos.  To view the videos and find out more information visit the official Microsoft Technical Preview site –

Microsoft expects to ship the final version of Office 2010 in the first half of 2010.

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