Service Oriented Infrastructure

June 11, 2009 by James Smith

More and more now we are seeing companies changing their business model and announcing Software as a Service options for customers. This week is no different as Dell announces several service offerings – what I would consider infrastructure services – referred to as Modular Services:

  • Distributed Device Management Services
  • Software Inventory and Usage Management
  • Online Backup and Restore
  • Laptop Data Encryption
  • Email Management Services (EMS)
  • Crisis Management and Alerting Services

For us this reinforces the work we are doing around Service Oriented Infrastructure.   We are not only seeing an increase in the quantity of cloud services but an increase in the scope, including more infrastructure based services.

Dell will be discussing their service offerings with the Register expert panel on 19th June 2009.   It will be interesting to hear more about the services and their thoughts on how their cloud based services can deliver efficiencies.

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