First R&D Phase Completed

May 22, 2009 by Jim Morton

The first part of our planned R&D work concluded yesterday. After doing some sterling work over the last six weeks, the team: Chris, Richard, Tanisha and Terry have returned to their respective teams in triumph although the planned ticker-tape parade around Warwick town square was abandoned due to health and safety concerns.

As hoped, the work carried out has built some concrete proof and much needed practical experience upon the concepts within our strategic vision. The work has been such a success that, prior to moving ahead with the architecture stage purely for applications, we will also be running conceptual R&D phases for two other key areas.

Identity: Understanding how we can will build a unified model for identity in order to provide targeted services and information to individuals – all while simplifying the user experience, integrating with other forms of web identity and ensuring complete security. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

Service Oriented Infrastructure: A terrifyingly technical sounding phrase. In the same way that we are looking to standardise and rationalise applications services to provide a series of building blocks to the organisation, we want to do the same with the elements of ICT that support application delivery. Example areas could include the storage of data, network connectivity and disaster recovery.

The second phase of R&D where we plan to specify the architecture that will be required to realise the benefits of the concepts will now cover all of these areas rather than just focussing on applications. Allowing us to begin building the new ICT architecture more quickly and bring forward all the exciting benefits that this will provide.

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